After years of contemplating, I decided to do this and get over with it once and for all. Before people ask me, ‘Is everything okay?’ Yes, everything is okay.

But I’m tired of reading the crap that comes with being on FB. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure I’ve posted a lot of useless stuff as well and I’m sorry for that.


But I left it for a number of reasons.

Reason Number 1 – Facebook doesn’t guard our privacy. In fact it is a well known fact that even private messages are read. Plus a lot of apps that you use through FB have access to your contact info/pictures etc. I really don’t want people who have no business reading my stuff, reading my stuff. Even if it is a Computer Algorithm.

Reason Number 2 – It has become a means of people creating a nice image of themselves in front of the world – which may actually be miles away from reality. I’ve witnessed this far too often and now, well…it just disgusts me. What happened to authenticity? I’ve seen friends who are on the verge of splitting up, congratulate each other on a ‘fulfilling relationship’. I feel sad.

Reason Number 3 – No one really cares. I’ve realized this over time but the people who care about me do not need Facebook to stay in touch with me. No, they have my e – mail/phone number. They won’t unfriend me if I don’t like their profile picture or if I disagree with them over a stupid post.

Reason Number 4 – A lot of the information posted there just makes me very uncomfortable. Whether it is of a friend declaring her love for her child/boyfriend online for the 100th time or someone wishing their parents online…I don’t get it. If it is your anniversary, good! Why do you need to wish each other online – what are you trying to prove? When did people forget that some things should be kept private? The best relationships and balanced people don’t need to prove to the outside world that they are happy. The ones who constantly do so – I think they are lacking something. And only they would be able to relate to it. I don’t care if this comment makes people uncomfortable. The truth is always hard to digest, isn’t it?

Reason Number 5 – Also, I am dead against people who put up their kids entire life up on Facebook. Not only are you endangering your child, you are violating his/her privacy. So think about that from a logical POV instead of flaunting your child’s photos in order to get more likes and while you are at it – get over yourselves!

So farewell Fakebook, I hope I will stay away for good.

A very Happy Ladyhawk!!