Let’s talk about Genocide

Every one talks about WW2 with horror. Innumerable pictures of the concentration camps have left people appalled by the atrocities that the Nazis committed.

And yet, once again – we don’t seem to learn from history. No, we let things happen and once they happen – once its too late…we decide to step in. We. The world. Let’s give ourselves a hand of applause for fucking things up BIG time.

Let’s talk about the Yazidis. Who are they? Quoting from Wikipedia:

The Yazidis or Yezidis are a Kurdish religious minority or an ethno-religious group indigenous to northern Mesopotamia (see also Ezidkhan) who are strictly endogamous. Their religion, Yazidism is linked to ancient Mesopotamian religions and combines aspects of ZoroastrianismIslamChristianity and Judaism. They live primarily in the Nineveh Province of Iraq. Additional communities in Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Iran, and Syria have been in decline since the 1990s as a result of significant migration to Europe, especially to Germany. 

Beginning in August 2014, the Yazidis were targeted by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in its campaign to “purify” Iraq and its neighbouring countries of non-Islamic influences.

Purify. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

While thousands of Yazidi men and young boys are either dead or missing, the crimes against women are horrific. Daily beatings/rape. Imagine someone doing that to you. Wouldn’t it break your spirit? Maybe you’d want to kill yourself. Imagine the anger, the hurt, the fear, the rage. And above it all, the gross INJUSTICE of it all. Makes my blood boil.

More people need to be made aware of this. While the UN (A failed establishment in my opinion) is ‘supposedly’ trying to investigate this and bring perpetrators to justice…I wonder how many of them will actually be caught and punished. How long will it take? Will they be killed or given life imprisonment? Will all of them be caught?

I watched an interview where one of the lawyers said that crimes against the Yazidis should be treated as a ‘genocide’ since it would mean that they would be recognized as a community, different from others. What a horrible way to be recognized, first of all. And talk about intolerance. Its spreading across the world like an epidemic.

Be thankful for your freedom. Be thankful for the little things in life…even if you don’t have much…you have a lot more than millions and millions of people on this planet and in that regard, you are fortunate.

For now – watch this. Educate yourself. Spread the word. More people should be talking about this.

Spread the word. Justice is required and on an urgent basis.

Over and out.



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