Be Safe

I’ve written about this before…and I will write about this again.

It is great that women all over the world are coming out regarding sexual assault and misconduct. It is a sad and depressing thing…especially when it concerns people who one may admire like celebrities, film stars, athletes and politicians. However, why is it no surprise? People with power and money often abuse it.


People all around the world are coming together to stand united and state that this kind of stuff is no longer going to be tolerated…whether that will actually come true or not…let’s hope for the best.

Which is why women need to learn how to look after themselves, stand up for themselves, stand up for other women and I’m sorry to say this, have a little bit of common sense.

When I’m talking about common sense I’m talking about things like not putting yourself in danger. Which means:

  • Don’t get into a cab alone if you are drunk and about to pass out. I know, you have a right to be drunk and you have a right to pass out any where you want but it makes you vulnerable to assault and that’s just not right.
  • Don’t go home with that creepy stranger you just met at the bar. And don’t EVER accept drinks which have been opened from a stranger – ever heard of date rape drugs? A free drink isn’t worth it. You are better than that.
  • Don’t drive on that stretch of road which isn’t well-lit. If there is an alternate route, take it. Needless to say – don’t give lifts to strangers
  • Learn some self-defense.
  • Learn how to use pepper spray. Buy one first.
  • Learn how to give share your GPS location with a loved one when you are in a car. Don’t get too chatty with the cab driver. He’s a stranger, he can mind his own business.
  • Be vigilant when you are in an elevator.
  • Be VERY careful when you are in a parking lot, especially at night.
  • Be careful about who you let into your house, whether it is the plumber or carpenter or the delivery guy, keep your eyes and ears open. As much as possible, don’t let too many people in.
  • Don’t post too many photos of your children online, and if you do – make sure only close friends and family have access to this information. You seriously do not want pedophiles to get to know when they live – do you?
  • Monitor your children’s internet usage. A lot of predators sit online – and you better be clued up.
  • If you are at a party, job interview or in any other situation where your GUT is screaming GET OUT, do me a favor and get out. Your instinct will usually turn out to be right.

All of us have faced some sort of harassment or assault throughout our lives. Our only crime? It is that we are women.

It maybe something like a delivery man ‘innocently’ touching your fingers when you pay him, someone whistling or breaking into a song when you walk past them on the road to people following you home, stalking you online and much worse.

My suggestion – wherever possible, report the offence. These guys (and in the case where women are guilty of misconduct) and women need to be locked up. Don’t stay silent – you have nothing to be ashamed about.

Be safe.