Hello everyone! :)

I started this blog in 2012. Well…this blog has evolved over a period of time. I started it as a way to keep myself busy and now it is something which brings me joy. I hope one day…my words can leave a mark on this world.

I live in a fantasy world half of the time. I have an over – active imagination which is both a good and a bad thing. Those of you who suffer from this ailment will understand what I mean. :)

On this blog you will come across stories…some humble attempts at poetry…an occasional rant about stuff which I feel very strongly about and other things like music, recipes and beautiful words which make me happy and which I want to share with the rest of the world.

I hope what I write will evoke some sort of feeling/emotion in you and that you would be able to relate to it. :)

About me – I’m an Indian woman who is about to bid adieu to her 20’s (alas!). I am a bit of a rebel which is why I am constantly in search of my own kind – luckily there are many on this platform.

For those who have the patience to read it…thank you.

Lots of love,