My favourite Anime : Bleach

Ok so most of my friends who are going to read this are most probably going to roll their eyes.

Because i am going to talk about Anime.Image

Disclaimer: Anime is not like cartoons. Trust me.

Anyway. There are many reasons why i love anime.

1. The storyboard of some of the series is so awesome. I mean it. What fantastic imagination the mangakas’ have.

2. All the characters are brought out so beautifully. Take any series…be it Bleach…or Naruto…or Full Metal Alchemist…or the first anime that i ever saw…Curious Play a.k.a. Fushigi Yuugi. Its just amazing. The animation is also soooo beautiful…it can almost make you sigh!

3. It appeals to a person like me who lives in an imaginary world most of the time…within my books and anime and writing and day dreaming. Ha ha!

Which brings us to Bleach.

I love Bleach because of Kurosaki Ichigo. Infact i love him so much that i have his picture on my office cubicle. (Proof attached).

Well, i know what most people must be thinking, “Why oh why is a twenty five year old watching anime?”.

Bleach is one of the most famous anime series of all times. It revolves around the main


character – Kurosaki Ichigo. Ichigo is a normal bloke, who is kinda cool and is always getting into trouble.

And he can kind of see spirits. One day, he bumps into Kuchiki Rukia…who is a Shinigami (soul reaper/ death god), who gets injured and transfers her soul reaper powers to him.

And then the roller coaster ride begins.

Ichigo becomes a substitute soul reaper, killing hollows (basically some bad – ass spirits) and purifying their souls so that they can go to soul society ( a place where all souls reside in the afterlife).

This is when the series kicks off. Rukia intends to transfer only a part of her powers to Ichigo but  somehow, he acquires all of them. So Rukia can’t go back to soul – society. A search team from soul society is sent to find her and she is sentenced to death for illegally transferring her powers to a mere human.

Ichigo decides to go after her – and boy oh boy – the episodes just get better and better after this. He becomes stronger and kicks some serious ass.

I won’t give away much more…but yes, it is one of the best series and if there are any anime fans who have never seen Bleach – try it! It is an amazing series!