Plastic Packaging

Let’s face it. We need to stop using plastics. We need to care about our environment and adding to the millions and millions tonnes of non bio – degradable waste isn’t helping.

Watch this. Educate yourselves. Spread the word.

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Going Green

A few weeks ago, I’d promised to write about how we can contribute to preserving the environment in small ways…realistic ways…here are some suggestions which do not require a lot of investment but are easy to do and eco-friendly.

  1. Carpool. I know, I know it is a bit of a drag but it means fewer cars on the road and hey, it will be cheaper on your pocket as well! Uber etc. have this facility. Otherwise you can gang up with a few of your colleagues who live in the neighbourhood and take turns driving.
  2. Use cloth/jute bags instead of plastic bags for shopping. Even when you go shopping, carry a shopping bag with you and bring back less plastic back home.
  3. Buy houseplants. Keep them wherever possible. Caring for plants is therapeutic. It gives you a sense of purpose and pride to see something flourish. And also – it is good for the environment. If you have friends or neighbours – share a cutting of the plant with them! Grow your own veggies if you have space!
  4. Gift a plant to people. Believe me, it is a good gift. These days you can get some nice, fancy plant holders in which you can grow your plants (in case you do not want to come across as too cheap).
  5. Conserve water at home. Please remember that while you may think its harmless to have the tap running continuously when you are washing dishes/brushing your teeth/taking a shower this isn’t the case. Switch off the shower/tap when you really don’t need it. Be mindful of how much water you use.
  6. Start paying your bills online. I’m referring to your electricity, internet, mobile bill. Opt out of receiving paper bills and pay them online. File your taxes online AND
  7. Start reading online newspapers. I know, you like the feel of a newspaper in your hands early in the morning but think of all the trees which had to be cut to make them in the first place!
  8. Stop buying bottled water and carry a water bottle with you instead. Most packaged water is stored in plastic bottles. See my point? Get yourself a bottle made out of stainless steel (better than glass since it won’t break) and USE it over and over again instead of buying bottled water and adding to the huge mass of plastic waste that cannot be recycled.
  9. Turn off your lights! Yes – I’m talking about instances when you are sitting in your room and the lights in all the other rooms are on! Stop this bad habit. Every time you exit a room, switch off all unnecessary lights etc that are not required. You save energy in this process.
  10. Opt for organic food/energy conscious transport. If you can afford it, do it. Encouraging environment conscious organizations is a step forward in promoting them and discouraging those that aren’t.

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Man Vs Earth

I’m sorry if I am beginning to sound like an activist these days but I do feel strongly about saving our planet so that our grand kids and great grand kids don’t curse us for destroying their home.

Watch this video. Give it a thought. Spread the word. Go green.

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Ice Stupas in Ladakh, India

Global warming is not a myth. Ignorance cannot be argued with though. The world around us is changing and Mother Earth is sending us PLENTY of warning signals to help her out.

I came across this video and decided to share it. Not sure if the Science behind it will be practical in the long run…but it seems to be innovative. People in Ladakh created artificial glaciers so that they could have water during a few critical months (spring to be precise).

Share, if you care. Go green. Every small step matters. I will write a more detailed article about this later on.