Take me to Church – Hozier

I love this song.

I don’t know why people are against the LGBT community. What goes on in any one’s bedroom is no one’s business if it is between 2 consenting adults. When will people realize this?

I claim no rights to this song, re posting as a fan.




Ladyhawk’s Nephew

10553624_10152304793912864_8606992355396458334_nLadyhawk’s litte munchkin is all of six and a half months now. :)

He woke up one morning and saw me and gave me this beeg beeg smile – here is one of my favorite moments captured by my sister in law.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend.



Three Image Story

In response to this week’s weekly photo challenge

The people in this picture are my awesome mom & I. My love for my mom – its my biggest strength..she is the best person I know…the person who matters to me the most in the entire world…and over the years its pretty evident that the love has grown only stronger <3. 

The first photo was taken when I was just a couple of months old (In Bhutan). The next, was taken in Mhow…when I was around 7 years old. The last one – was taken when I was 24 in our home town, Chandigarh.


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea

In response to this week’s photo challenge:

Thanks to Mandhir first of all, for letting me use this beautiful photograph :).

This picture was taken at Marine Drive, Mumbai. I have often mentioned how Marine drive is one of my favorite places in Mumbai.

The sea, I guess brings forth different emotions in different people. For me, it symbolizes turbulence as well as peace. You can hear the waves crashing…and you feel that something in your inner being responds to that sound. Its amazing, I can’t explain it.

I wrote another post about this yesterday, but I guess the rules were to post a new post, so here we are again!


In response to this week’s photo challenge:


This one…was taken by a friend a couple of months ago…not a very common sight in Mumbai. Wish the camera was a better one though!


The second one…a silly duck in the Chandigarh Lake who swam across the place where we were sitting…he was all alone…the others had abandoned him apparently…and after a minute he flew away.














This one…just a little before sunset at the beach…had posted a similar photo earlier as well…










The last one…of me! When I was dancing and jumping around on a beach and click click! :) It is an old one though :D