Take me to Church – Hozier

I love this song.

I don’t know why people are against the LGBT community. What goes on in any one’s bedroom is no one’s business if it is between 2 consenting adults. When will people realize this?

I claim no rights to this song, re posting as a fan.




Ladyhawk’s Nephew

10553624_10152304793912864_8606992355396458334_nLadyhawk’s litte munchkin is all of six and a half months now. :)

He woke up one morning and saw me and gave me this beeg beeg smile – here is one of my favorite moments captured by my sister in law.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend.




A candid photo of me trying to open my hair. My mom was trying to take a selfie but she ultimately ended up taking a picture of me! Those are the flowers I got her for her birthday!



WordPress daily prompt: Let’s Dance

Wordpress daily prompt: Let's Dance

Photo credits go to Angad.

Taken while performing the YMCA at HRC, Mumbai. Ah I do not like this photo since my smile looks like that of a Monkey but :P It serves the purpose.

Just dance…