I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!



Take me to Church – Hozier

I love this song. I don't know why people are against the LGBT community. What goes on in any one's bedroom is no one's business if it is between 2 consenting adults. When will people realize this? I claim no... Continue Reading →


So True – The best careers according to MBTI

Bang on for me! Love, Ladyhawk

New Skin

In response to today's daily post - If I could be anything else I would be a cat. I think they are extremely cute and cool creatures.

I want to!

Ladyhawk’s Nephew

Ladyhawk's litte munchkin is all of six and a half months now. :) He woke up one morning and saw me and gave me this beeg beeg smile - here is one of my favorite moments captured by my sister... Continue Reading →

This is what love is


A candid photo of me trying to open my hair. My mom was trying to take a selfie but she ultimately ended up taking a picture of me! Those are the flowers I got her for her birthday!xoxo

Me! In a saree. Just happy! Hope everyone is doing great! Love, Ladyhawk

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