I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!



Walking down your lane

    My feet are weary, I walked many a mile... Yearning just to see you, How I've missed your smile! Nightmares haunt me... All the blood I've spilt... But maybe you will help me... To banish the guilt. I'm not good... Continue Reading →



  As dawn breaks... The sky changes colors... All is quiet... Darkness gives way to light... Birds chirp loudly.. The lights in the street go out.. The milkman's van comes and goes... I gingerly touch my nose. It's the... Continue Reading →


I sleep on my bed...she sleeps on hers, In another city, Yes...what a pity. We speak daily, "How are you?" I'm fine... One year and now I'm really tired of trying. Monosyllabic answers..five minute calls, Have replaced the marathon sessions... I... Continue Reading →

Once Again

Hidden behind a cover of cigarette smoke... You could see his sad eyes and a heart that broke... When she left him for good... If only he'd understood. How she had waited and waited as the years flew by, She... Continue Reading →


I'm running & running & running... Here I am, there I go... See my eyes, shining so bright... Fearless  & alive, no sign of fright... I have no time for me, no time to live, I run, I run, I... Continue Reading →

Break it or Take it

Flowers, butterflies and clouds... Sunny days and then some rain... Rainbows and the smell of the earth.... Such beauty is but in vain... It loses its essence... If you aren't there... All the good things in life don't have any value..... Continue Reading →

Total Despair

All it took was one look.. One glance into your eyes.. And within the next five minutes... I never wanted to say goodbye... Goodbyes are so hard... Letting go is so tough... But you did it so well... Your words were... Continue Reading →

All I Need

This is just a work of fiction....all is well in paradise... --------------------- I don't want money, Though money is good, And I don't need you honey, Not the way I know I should. Can't tie me down, Can't clip my... Continue Reading →

I still smile

Time stands still, Every time I see your face, In my heart, The memory of you stays. The pain has dimmed, I guess that's what happens when you forgive, It what you do to move on, And finally start to... Continue Reading →

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