Worry About This

Sorry to disturb you from your bliss,

But I think you need to worry about this…

Humanity is divided, when will we learn?

Is there any joy in watching each other burn?

Don’t feel like watching the news…

Looks like every one is going to blow a fuse…

Gimme a break, I want out…

What the fuck is the fuss all about?

Our polar ice is melting,

In other parts of the world its sweltering…

And some people say global warming’s a farce,

They need a kick up their arse.

Genocide’s on the rise…

But the world turns a blind eye…

First it was the Jews, now its the Kurds…

And all we are is a bunch of turds.

Human – trafficking, rape and murder…

She said ‘TIME’S UP’ and I hope you heard her…

Madmen on the loose, threats of nuclear war…

I guess humanity hasn’t come very far…

Driven by greed, we suppress and oppress,

Creating an even bigger mess…

I wish we could all just get along,

With love, we could be so very strong…

But all we do is hate and hate and hate…

We need to change…before it is too late…


Don’t think you are better than anyone because of the color of your skin…or your religion or which language you speak, which country you belong to. Remember when you die – you’ll be alone. You came into this world alone. Just like everyone else. 

Teach your children the meaning of respect – for others and EMPATHY for fucks sake. Empathy spans across all this shit which is the very reason why the entire world is in chaos right now. Open your eyes – and choose to be kind and oh – not so judgmental of people who act differently, dress differently and think or speak differently. We are all human. We are made of the same components – oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus.

Get the EFF over yourself and help to make this planet a better place for your kids and grand kids to live in.

Peace out,

A rather fed – up ladyhawk







While you take a sip of your expensive wine…

Feast on imported bread…

I scrounge around in dustbins…

For my children must be fed.

You sleep on satin sheets…

On pillows made of fluff…

I sleep anyone where I’m safe from bombs…

The ground no longer feels rough…

You bathe in bathtubs strewn with petals,

Scented candles and bath bubbles…

Scrounging around for a sip of clean water…

Is one of my daily troubles…

You go to work, come home to your families,

Complain about the heat and taxes…

All I worry about is how to stay alive…

In my world, no one ever relaxes…

How I long for not feeling afraid…

And freedom that’s mine to keep…

Clean clothes, a square meal, a roof on my head…

And a night of peaceful sleep.

Dedicated to anyone who thinks their life is tough..please remember that there are people who are dying due to wars, famine,slavery and diseases all over the world. Be thankful for what you are, what you have. It could all be taken away from you in a flash and then what? Don’t take life for granted. Help others. Volunteer. Donate to the UN and other charities who need, DESPERATELY need money to aid people and countries which are facing a humanitarian crisis. Don’t know what I am talking about?

Peace out,



Fare thee well!!

People come and go,

Only a few will stay,

The ones who tug at your heart strings,

The ones you never want to go away.


Life has its own plans…

People drift apart,

They say you should not be afraid of letting go,

Someone else will come and heal your heart…


Yet as you grow older,

Time flies so fast…

You’ll find yourself reminiscing

About the days in the past…


Your first friend who taught you how to cross your t’s,

Your friend in high school, who always cheered you on…

Your friends from college…when life was just a ball,

Your work friends…where have most of them gone?


All you have is memories in the end…

Who decides who stays or who leaves?

To the ones who stay – thank you…

For the rest, my heart silently grieves.



Value your self worth. Give and don’t expect anything in return. If someone hurts you, learn from it and when the time comes, forgive them. Forgiveness is a way to set yourself free…unburden your heart. No matter how much you love someone, if they make you feel bad about yourself, perhaps its time to move on. They aren’t bad people – they are just not the type you need to be around. Remember, you are a reflection of the people you surround yourself with.






Climate Change & the Paris Agreement

Woke up this morning to read the news which I thought was going to happen anyway. The US backing out of the Paris agreement. People shouldn’t be surprised – look at this image.

Image result for donald trump paris agreement meme

What else do you expect a man like him to do? 

But what exactly is the Paris agreement? A lot of people are talking about it but not a lot of them know what exactly the agreement entails. Why is it a big deal?

First of all – let’s get one fact straight. Unlike what Trump and a lot of other people may believe – climate change is happening. Global temperatures are rising, believe it or not and every day makes a difference. And if we don’t take care – in our own small ways as individuals, collectively as nations and universally, as humans – we are just harming the planet that we call our home.

The Paris agreement was a big deal because it was the first of its kind. 195 countries ratified the agreement where they agreed on the following: (source: Wikipedia)

(a) Holding the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels, recognizing that this would significantly reduce the risks and impacts of climate change;

(b) Increasing the ability to adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change and foster climate resilience and low greenhouse gas emissions development, in a manner that does not threaten food production;

(c) Making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development.

In a nutshell – we need to control the increase in global temperature below 2 degrees C if we want to save our Planet.

Trump said that the deal was bad for the US and wasn’t in its best interest. I don’t know the details of what the US planned to do – but the fact of the matter is – he’s doing it for the wrong reasons. Because Obama pushed for it. Because a lot of people who voted for Trump/funded Trump will lose money and jobs if the deal comes through. Which is crap cos there are plenty of jobs that will be created through introducing renewable forms of energy. 

Sure, the world might lose out on a lot of funding from the US which would have helped them to introduce clean, green and renewable forms of energy…this is especially with respect to the developing world.

But the world doesn’t need to get depressed. The rest of the world will continue to try their best to stick to the agreement. Also – the US itself is divided regarding Trumps decision. The states of Washington, California and New York are already going ahead with what they call a Climate Alliance where they will continue to take measures to control emissions and introduce renewable energy across their states. 

Tesla’s Elon Musk and Disney’s Robert Iger quit Donald’s presidential council after this decision. Good for them. But I doubt this would make a difference. He’s too thick-skinned and worried about himself to care about what anyone else might do.

The thing is – like Angela Merkel said – Germany cannot rely on the US or the UK and nor can the rest of the world. There may soon be a new world order. We just need to realize that the US is no longer going to be the so-called Global watchdog and we need to take things into our own hands. If anything – it will help the rest of the world to grow up and for countries like India – to increase their international presence in the global market.

I’m not a big fan of talking about politics nor is my post intended to infuriate people – this is just what I feel about it. For once, I am happy that I am not an American and that I am an Indian. Our PM might have been a controversial figure but he has more common sense than Trump does.

Over and out.

Things you should know/do if you are an adult

In India…a lot of people like to live with their parents. Maybe in other countries as well. I guess it is ok to live together as one big unit…but for self – development and some amount of mental peace and to well…GROW the EFF UP one should shift out once one becomes an adult/gets a job and oh yes – DEFINITELY when one gets married.

I’m sorry. I do not get the concept of joint families. It is a different thing when you are looking after old and ailing parents but its different when you stay with them of your own free will. I just find it a bit odd.

Also…I’ve noticed that a lot of adults these days don’t know basic life skills. Seriously, they don’t. It is quite frustrating and I blame their parents for spoiling them too much.

So…here is a list of things which I feel everyone should know or do once they start living by themselves or by the time they start working (in no specific order).

Maintain their own personal bank account. Not a joint one – you operate your own account. You make your own investments. You handle finances yourself. This means you know how to work a credit card. And the pitfalls of using it too much.

Image result for bank account meme

Maintain a budget. It is painful. It is cumbersome. But maintain a budget of your expenses. It will help you in the long run.

Image result for personal budget meme

Start planning for your retirement. Yes – start young. The sooner you start, the better it is!

Image result for retirement planning meme


Learn how to file your own taxes. Now I know a lot of us use tax consultants to help us with this and that is ok! As long as you know the basics of your investments,expenditure and can do your planning yourself – its great! Don’t ask Daddy to do it. No, not even if he is a Chartered Accountant.

Cook. Yes – I am not asking you to be a gourmet chef. But learn the basics so that you can make a couple of balanced meals for yourself and eat healthy instead of always ordering in. I know a lot of people who are older than me who think ‘ cooking is boring’, ‘ I can’t stand at the stove waiting for the food to cook.’ I think this is because they do not know how to cook and it is a way for them to hide behind their insecurities. It’s not cool not to know how to feed yourself. Its actually…kind of lame.

Grocery shopping: You can’t cook if you cannot shop for your own groceries. Lean to identify what’s fresh and what’s not. What’s in season and what’s not. What’s over priced and what’s a bargain. It comes with practice.

Image result for grocery shopping meme


Learn to use a needle and thread to do some basic stitching. Yes, in case you rip off a button or need to mend a tiny tear around your crotch line of your pants – you can do it yourself instead of running to the tailor each time something like this happens.

Image result for sewing button meme

Drive. Let me be honest, I have a phobia of driving. I do have a license and I can drive a two-wheeler but I am scared of cars. It’s a thing I have to get over. Learn how to drive people. It will make life simple for you.

Image result for driving meme sheldon

Household stuff: Learn how to change a gas cylinder (if you have one), change a light bulb and take care of minor repairs around the house yourself. Don’t go running after the electrician for every teeny little thing.

Image result for changing a bulb meme

Iron your clothes and hand wash the delicate ones. Seriously, I am surprised at the fact that a lot of people – especially men – cannot iron. They somehow manage to crumple the shirt even more.

Image result for iron and wash meme

Pack like a pro. I’m sorry. But once you are working, there will be a bit of travel now and then and everyone should know how to pack for a couple of days without running short of clothes/shoes/toiletries. I’m always amazed at how disorganized a lot of people are regarding these things.

Image result for pack luggage meme

Get insured. Your life/health/car etc. I need not say more. These are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL.

Image result for insurance meme

How to dress like a pro. I know this sounds stupid. But it is not. Imagine you have a choice of 2 restaurants. Both have good food but restaurant #1 is clean and has a good ambience with fresh flowers and dim lighting and #2 looks dingy and the table-cloth on your table has a hole in it. Which restaurant will you visit again? Appearances matter. Invest in a good hair dresser. Hair makes a lot of difference. Build a good wardrobe. You don’t need to have too many clothes. You need a few – but which are of good quality.  Don’t dress like a slob. You are just letting yourself down that way. Have at least one good outfit exclusively for a job interview, a first date, a funeral and for religious ceremonies like weddings, prayers etc.

Image result for interview clothes meme

Have a hobby. Yes – this is essential. Apart from work – I think everyone should have at least one other thing that they can fall back on to relax and unwind.

Image result for hobby meme

Remember birthdays and keep addresses: Keep a track of birthdays and store addresses of important people in your life. You will need them at some point or the other. And please – pick up the damn phone and wish people on their birthdays. These things matter even if you think it is a drag.

Image result for birthday forget meme

Have a first aid kit: Yep – keep a first aid kit at home with basic medicines, cotton, bandages etc. You never know when these will come in handy.

Image result for first aid kit meme

Well…this is my list. Feel free to add to it if you think I have missed out on something. Over and out.


As 2016 comes to an end…I just have one resolution for the next year.

Yes…from making 5 – 10 resolutions every year…I’ve realized that for some silly reason I cannot stick to them. Wish I could be more disciplined.

But I plan to clear out the clutter from my life. I am not just referring to all the junk and useless trinkets that I have hoarded over the years. Yeah – tell me about it!! I am just 29 but I am amazed at how much I managed to accumulated over a period of time. Throwing out useless stuff, donating it to others who can use it is therapeutic.

But like I was saying – its no just the physical stuff I need to clear out. It is also my state of mind and who I choose to include in my life moving forward.

I think I am a little guilty of being a bit of a people – pleaser. Ever since I can remember, I worked hard at my relationships with others. It has usually been me who is the one who picks up the phone to message/call others. But I’ve been strict with myself of late.

You see, Ladyhawk is tired of being treated like a doormat. While she does like being around people, she is happy with just a handful of close friends being a part of her life and saying goodbye to the ones who don’t really bother. This is because she cares about those she chooses to make a part of her life. She cannot force others to reciprocate, but she can most certainly let them go and not feel bad about it.

After all…when push comes to shove its the people you can call in the middle of the night who count and not the hundreds of others who claim to be your friends.

Over and out!


Whiny Dog

Whiny Dog has been at it again. For lack of a better name – I had to christen him with one which may really not be too flattering but it personifies him!

I think he’s around 8 – 10 years old. He lives in the house in the lane behind mine. I can view the backyard from my bedroom window where he’s usually prancing up and down and most of the time his tail is wagging away to glory. I think he’s a German Shepherd but I could be mistaken as well.:/

Whiny Dog cries every night between 3 – 4 AM. Honestly, he’s very punctual. And you know why he does that? Because his God – damn owners keep him outside in the cold and I am sure he must be freezing. I don’t think they have provided him with a blanket or anything warm to wear. I feel quite sorry for him.

Sometimes, I open my bedroom window and whistle softly to him.

‘Heey doggy, doggy, doggy!’

It always stops the whining for a while. Maybe he’s lonely and just wants some company.

I am contemplating calling up the owners to make sure that they take care of him. More than disturbed sleep, its kind of sad to see an animal in pain. I don’t understand why people keep animals if they can’t take care of them.

Animals are like family, especially dogs. They are sensitive, loving creatures and they deserve to be treated with care. Don’t you agree?

Over and Out,


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Hello, hello, hello.

So, I’ve been advised by a lot of people to start Yoga. Apparently it is very good for people like me who are always anxious, stressed and susceptible to respiratory infections.

Haha, what a way to describe myself. However, I won’t use this post to boast about how great I am. Nah, it’s to rant about this stoopid yoga teacher that my dad hired…without asking me if I wanted her to teach me or not. No sir…he hired the first person who agreed to come and voila! The moment I saw her I thought of two things: Nice ass and…. this is soooo not going to work out.

Now…come on, I wasn’t objectifying her really…she was er…well endowed. But the moment she said, “Hieee , myself Gurdeep. ..yoga is not only for weight reduction…let’s start! ”

I was like ,”Fuck me”.

Anyhow I told this lady that I wanted to do only breathing exercises and that I knew zilch about yoga. But she wasn’t really listening. She made me do every God damn aasan in history apart from a headstand. It was a good workout, but too strenuous for a beginner and I couldn’t follow half of what she was saying. All I could remember was her counting to 14 for each set. ..and by the 10th number I was…who said Yoga is easy?…

Lol. Anyway….I decided not to continue with her. A good friend of mine, Preeti mentioned to me that she was following this 30 day yoga challenge on Youtube so I was like why not? I started with Day 1 and I hope to keep it up. Check it out on YouTube. There’s this lady called Adriene and she’s pretty good!

I would still maintain that getting someone to teach you the basics is a good idea and then you can always look at material online.

I’ll write more as I complete more days and if I feel it’s having a positive influence on my life. 

Stay healthy people. Tell me about your experience with yoga as well.



Free the Nipple and other stuff

Hello! How is everyone?

Me? How kind of you to ask. I’m ok. No as okay as I would like to be but that I shall write about if I feel I can share it with the world.

But I’m okay. 

The past few days I’ve been at home, on a long vacation and the best part about being at home is that you can move around bra less (not topless, there’s a difference). Yes, Pervs get your minds out of the gutter people. Moving around bra less is so great. And who cares if my headlights show? I don’t but the rest of the world does so I guess when my vacation ends so will this freedom. :(

But I support this movement. Women are too objectified and too sexualised and its damn annoying. Since these are the times we live in, we can’t really do much about it. 

Over and out,

A silly Ladyhawk