Today, I am thankful for a friend who gave me the right advice at the right time.

And for having some common sense at the right time.

Always be true to yourself Ladyhawk. Always listen to your gut feeling. 


Thankfulness….for my nephew

Today was a tough day….but every time i felt gloomy i just looked at my nephew and felt so much better. He is almost five months old now and such a bundle of joy. :)

To all those who love children and have them…you’ll understand what I mean.

Peace out,

Thankfulness : Glad to be in Mumbai

You know, being a woman in India is not easy.

Yes, it’s not as bad as being a woman in a lot of other nations like the Middle East or Africa. But boy, am I happy that i stay in Mumbai aka Bombay?

I love the city. For its people.

It’s a tough city to live in. For one, you need money to enjoy a certain quality of life.

But it’s a city where you can feel a little safe, a little secure. Unlike other places.

So for now, I would like to thank God for giving me the opportunity to work in this amazing city.

Peace out,

New Section Coming Up: Thankfulness


I’m going to write one thing every day on what I am thankful for. If anyone else is thankful for anything in their lives – drop me a note and I will publish it for you as well. :) Let’s spread gratitude around, what say?

I am thankful that I have friends who supported me when I had to make a particularly tough decision in my life recently and didn’t judge me for it. Thank you God. I must have done something right.



~ There is always something to be thankful for ~