Update – Recipes on Instagram

While I am yet to finish the story I am working on, I made a new Instagram page for all the silly cooking I do at home.

Disclaimer – I am just an average home-cook but I enjoy pottering in the kitchen now and then so if you are interested in some simple recipes feel free to check it out. My Instagram handle is munchnscrunch!

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Ladyhawk says Hi & has an update

Hi guys!

This is my 6th year of blogging and after giving it some thought, I have decided to change things a bit for my blog. From now on, I will only be publishing poems or stories on this blog. The rest of my work, well…I will either move it to another blog someday or remove it in its entirety. It would help to focus on being more creative instead of being all over the place.

Most probably I will start another blog about issues that I care a lot about – sustainable development, human rights, animals and the environment.

I will keep all of you posted regarding this. Hope everyone is doing great. :)

Love and Hugs,



Once Again

Hidden behind a cover of cigarette smoke…

You could see his sad eyes and a heart that broke…

When she left him for good…

If only he’d understood.

How she had waited and waited as the years flew by,

She was always with ‘just another guy’…

Till one came and didn’t let her go…

And she didn’t find a reason to say no.

Still she waited, debated and yearned in vain…

Till she finally decided he wasn’t worth the pain…

So now he’s hiding behind smoke and booze…

Beginning to comprehend what he’s about to lose…

‘I’m not good enough’, he thinks with a rueful smile..

His baby’s going to move away…many a mile…

‘Stop her, do something’, his friends beseech…

So with a pounding heart he runs all the way to her street…

To see an empty house, she left without saying goodbye…

Have you ever seen a grown man cry?

He walks back home, dragging his feet..

‘Wait’! A familiar voice…his heart skips a beat…

She pulls him around by the arm, ‘I didn’t leave’,

‘That’s great,’ he whispers..,’ I know now what it is to really grieve’

He kisses those lips, and then kisses them again…

Love was dulling out the surge of pain..

Daily Prompt : Recharge

So this in response to today’s WordPress daily prompt.


While everyone might talk about spirituality and mental peace … All I can think of is downing this. I can’t because of viral fever. Dang. But I’m sure it has helped a lot of people to recharge. 

In moderation of course. *smirk*

Blog url update

Ola everyone!

The blog url has been changed to https://theladyhawk.wordpress.com
This is just FYI. 

Over and out!


Haze: Part 1

This is a work of fiction.


My relationship with the special one was a bit hazy. 

You know, they say you have to go through a lot of frogs to find Prince Charming. I don’t know about Prince Charming but I found an alternative, and he made me feel….nothing.

Like right now. I was getting ready to go out. Black or red? I looked better in black, but there was something about red. The color of love. The color of blood.

I decided to go with the black dress. ‘Red is for sluts’ : hey that’s what Tara said, not me! Tara, my bestie was going to pick me up in another five minutes.

‘You look good’. I turned around. 

There he was, my dirty little secret…sitting on my dressing table.

I smiled cheekily,’I know!’

I stared at him, fighting the urge to give in again. I knew his eyes said ‘You know you want to’….but I ignored him. 

 I heard a sound of a car honking. I grabbed my keys and in my haste, dropped a photograph on my dressing table. It fell down with a crack. I started at it, till the persistent honking of Tara’s Chevrolet made me realise that my special one was right.

‘Will you be here when I get back?’ I whispered. He was one of my biggest sins.

He walked towards me, tucked a strand of hair behind my ear ,’I’m a part of you now,’he whispered, his breath hot on my cheek.

I felt his hand press something into my palm.

‘Something to remember me by’.

I put his parting gift in my purse and walked outside. 


 To be continued…


I’m running & running & running…

Here I am, there I go…

See my eyes, shining so bright…

Fearless  & alive, no sign of fright…

I have no time for me, no time to live,

I run, I run, I give & give…

What’s in it for me?

Am I happy inside?

I’m running and running..,

Superstar, I’m stunning…

Slow down…they say…

You’ll lose your way…

I pay no heed,

I sweat, toil and bleed…

I’ll run till I can…

Keep up with me if you can…

And when I crash and burn…

Life will take another turn…

But for now let me be,

As I run towards my destiny.


So Today’s Daily Prompt is: Childhood.

I had a relatively happy one. Maybe not a very easy one. But a happy one.

As children of an Indian Army officer, my brother & I were raised to be tough. We did our chores, we were always on time thanks to our strict father. We minded our P’s & Qs, we led a very simple life.

I am not sure how many of you would know how life in an Indian Cantonment is like. Indian Cantonments are self-sufficient. We have our own schools, houses, libraries, offices, markets etc. Most of us used to do a 2 year ‘stint’ in a place, before moving on to another place. The army is not as lucky as the Navy: My dad got a lot of small towns and cities, but since we had Army Schools at most of these places, it was fine.

Our houses were often not in the best of condition. Yep, I have lived in a house where the roof used to leak when it used to rain (this was when my father was commanding a regiment: even a high rank didn’t matter much), to a house where a python used to crawl in the drain outside our house every morning and afternoon to house which was a beautiful, old British bungalow on a hill.

Our schools were mostly old military houses/barracks converted into make shift classrooms, with very poor sanitation facilities. We used to go to school either on our cycles, braving the 45 degrees+ Indian summer or in Military trucks, where we were herded together like sheep.

Most of the teachers were wives of army officers. Some were amazing, others were pretty bad: 7 schools in 12 years. :)

I used to cry every time I had to bid farewell to my friends, but I always managed to make new ones wherever I went. That was one of the best things of being an army kid. You have a friend from every part of the county: Punjab, Assam, Kerela, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa….the list can go on.

My father’s generation of Army Officers’ were a class apart. You know, there is a tagline: an officer and a gentleman. Yes, most officers back then were thorough gentlemen. We grew up in another world I feel. A world where people had class. People had manners and values, honor and valor. I wish I could say the same thing for my generation that has now entered the forces, but I cannot. It’s a pity.

My dad used to drive us to the city once a month for a dinner at a nice restaurant. I remember how we used to look forward to such outings. And once a year, my mom used to take me to the best shop in town to buy a frock for my birthday. I went through a girly phase when I was small, so it usually used to be one of the frilliest frocks available but boy, did I feel like a princess or not!

From army parties, to so-called ‘DJ nights’ at the Officer’s Mess…one of my fondest memories was watching my mother get ready. My mother is a beauty. I’m not saying this because she is my mom.

Like I mentioned, we led a simple life. We never had any fancy toys, or expensive clothes. We worked our way up and appreciated the value of money. We were taught how to share. How to be kind and considerate.

I believe that your childhood shapes the way you behave as an adult. I hope I turned out well. I think I did. :)




Batman Vs. Superman – My Review

Note: Some tiny spoilers ahead.

Call me partial to Christian Bale but how in the world can Ben Affleck even think he can pull off the role of Batman successfully? He was bad as Daredevil, but even worse as Batman.

Here is what I felt about the movie.

  1. The title should have been Superman Vs. Super – lame Batman.
  2. What’s with the shoddy suit Batman?
  3. The Batmobile is soooo uncool in this movie.
  4. The music (soundtrack) in the movie will make you feel like you are in a bad opera.
  5. The beast in this movie is even more lame than the mutts in the Hunger Games.
  6. Why is Batman always dreaming about this and that? He’s smoking too much pot I feel.
  7. What’s with Alfred being all hep and happening – oh for heaven’s sake!
  8. Why does Wonder Woman do nothing till the very end of the movie? Her appearance is like so abrupt in the entire scheme of things.
  9. There’s this one scene where Bruce Wayne suddenly sees Superman and looks super stunned. I have not seen a more lame scene in my entire life.
  10. Why do they do this entire piece of Superman dying when we all know he isn’t going to die! For heaven’s sake they could have cut the movie short by like 10 minutes.

The only thing good about the movie were Superman & WonderWoman (man she is kick-ass or what!)

And oh – there is no trailer at the end of the movies, so no point in waiting for the credits to get over.

Over and out,