Aleyna Tilki – Sen Olsan Bari

I came across this video when I watched one of the react videos by the Fine Brothers Entertainment channel. The only Turkish artist I knew of was Tarkan, but she’s pretty interesting too. I liked the video as well. And Turkish women are beautiful or what?

I also liked the fact that the translation is there in this particular video.

I claim no rights to the video/song. Sharing as a fan.



Havana – Camila Cabello

I don’t know why but this song has been stuck in my head ever since I heard it. I like her voice. Lyrics are in the video.

Sharing as a fan. I claim no rights to this song.

Escaping from North Korea

Sharing this because people should know about this. Amongst other crimes against humanity…this is one which should not go unnoticed. Hear this young girls story about what life in that country is like. The next time you feel too sorry for yourself, think about her. This is what REAL problems look like.

Share, if you care.

Years of Living Dangerously: Letterman

For those who are concerned about Climate Change – read this. Also – it will bring a lot of things into sight – esp. how the US isn’t doing its job properly addressing climate change and encouraging solar companies to grow. No – there is a power struggle going on there – and the whole world is going to pay the price for the never ending greed of the power utilities.

I claim no rights to this – reposting it to bring about awareness. I would urge people to sit down and watch this and share it with others.

Over and out.