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'You know how I know man?' Andy smirked to his friends over his third glass of beer. 'Know what?'Asked Ron, rolling his eyes. He'd heard this story before. 'Its in the eyes man - the eyes...I swear, I'm searching for... Continue Reading →



In response to today's daily prompt...marriages in India are treated like a festive occasion. Getting a Henna Tattoo on my hands is one fun part of the overall jing-bang! I got a peacock made on my hand - can you... Continue Reading →


In response to today's daily prompt! Today I publicly denounce the United Nations as an organization that has NO actual power and NO way to actually stop genocide and useless wars and humanitarian crimes. It was my folly to believe... Continue Reading →

Pom Pom

In response to the Daily Prompt: Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Pom - Pom. Yes, he's my teddy bear who has been with me since I was one year old. Pom Pom is always there for me when I need... Continue Reading →


I will be writing about Bhagat Singh...just a few lines about this brave man. Born in 1907 and martyred in 1931 at just 23 years...he was a revolutionary and one of the biggest contributors towards the struggle for India's independence... Continue Reading →

New Skin

In response to today's daily post - If I could be anything else I would be a cat. I think they are extremely cute and cool creatures.

Can’t Watch This

With reference to today's daily post...I am reminded of this one particularly gruesome video that a friend sent me.Perhaps most of you have already seen it. Of ISIS militants shooting hundreds of Iraqi soldiers in cold blood.So many people have... Continue Reading →

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