In response to today’s Daily Prompt – Mercy, I will be writing a small story.

Rosanne looked at her watch. He was late again.

She went to the ladies room and locked herself in one of the stalls, trying to brush back angry tears. Oh, she couldn’t afford to cry, for her mascara would run and ruin at least half an hour of hard work.

She’d been looking forward to seeing him for many weeks now.

‘I’m an emotional fool who will never learn’, she muttered to herself.

She’d grown tired of the cat and mouse game that she was playing with Todd. Todd was a handsome, intelligent man…he was a man’s man and not one of those lovesick puppies she encountered on a frequent basis. But he knew he was a catch and he probably was dating a few women on the side.

After a few minutes, she walked out. There was no sight of him in the restaurant. She called for the bill and left.

Her heart felt sad, because she knew they would have been good for each other. But when the time isn’t right…even your soul mate will not be able to recognize you.

<A month later…>


Todd was standing at the altar, sweat trickling down his neck. The tuxedo suffocated him. He could feel at least five sets of eyes staring at him with hostility.

Blasted bridesmaids. Rosanne had probably warned them about him.

He looked at his best friend, the groom, who looked like he was going to burst with happiness. Todd sighed, surprised at the twinge of envy he felt

The bride walked in with the maid of honor, and he swallowed nervously. Rosanne.

Swallowed? He probably looked like a fish, gulping down air.

Throughout the wedding ceremony he tried to keep his eyes averted from Rosanne’s. She looked beautiful. He cursed himself for not showing up that day. Women like that didn’t come along more than once or twice in a life time. But he liked being a free bird…didn’t he? He looked at the shining faces of the bride and groom. Maybe being tied down wasn’t too bad…

The bride and groom exchanged their vows and kissed, hand in hand they walked towards the reception area…oblivious of the world around them.

Inadvertently, he looked at Rosanne’s face. She gave him a cool glance and looked away.

He walked towards her, only to see her being pulled away by another man. She turned around to give him a sad smile and walked away.

‘God have mercy on me’, he muttered to himself ,‘ I need to make this right’. 




‘You know how I know man?’ Andy smirked to his friends over his third glass of beer.

‘Know what?’Asked Ron, rolling his eyes. He’d heard this story before.

‘Its in the eyes man – the eyes…I swear, I’m searching for that girl with that look in her eyes!’

Jeff snorted, a little beer came out of his nose. The entire gang burst into laughter.

‘You been searching for over a year dude – give up! These girls don’t take us seriously ‘cos they know we won’t stick around.’Ron sighed deeply.

Andy scowled. He looked around and sighed in despair. The whole bar was a sausage fest. He’d been in Bombay for a long time but hadn’t dated anyone. He was waiting for that so-called spark. His friends thought it was funny, but it wasn’t.

That’s when he saw her walk into the bar with her friend. She was a tiny little thing, with wavy long hair and dressed in white…she looked like an angel. Their eyes met briefly for a second and then she looked away. Andy felt his heart thud unnaturally in his chest.

‘Whoa man…check out what Andy likes!’ Jeff snickered as all of his friends turned around to look at her.

Andy smiled broadly at them…’Finally!  She likes me man – I’m telling you – that’s the girl I am gonna date!’

‘And what makes you think she’d wanna date you?’ Jeff look genuinely confused.

‘Cos she’s gonna look at me and smile.’ Andy stood up straight and looked across the bar to where she was standing.

After a few minutes Ron broke the silence,’Too bad…eh mate?’

Andy shook his head and continued looking at her.

She was standing alone now, her friend had gone to the washroom. Annnnddd score…their eyes met again. She blushed and looked away quickly.

Andy waited. Any minute now. And sure enough she looked at him again, a shy smile on her lips, her eyes brimming with warmth and anticipation.

‘And that’s my cue, I don’t need no invitation.Here…’ Andy handed over his glass to his friends and walked up to her.

In response to today’s daily promt – invitation.


In response to today’s daily prompt!

Today I publicly denounce the United Nations as an organization that has NO actual power and NO way to actually stop genocide and useless wars and humanitarian crimes.

It was my folly to believe in its power. The ‘UN’. How many of us have dreamed of a job at the UN? All they can do is condemn things BUT are incapable of actually taking forceful action as and when needed. The security council gets away with everything and anything!! Hats off to the entire world for bowing down to these few nations for decades at an end!

Let us all turn a blind eye to the crisis in Syria. Let us all smile, laugh and go about our daily lives because you know what – we are all selfish and since it has nothing to do with us we do not need to feel bad about it!!

Watch this and then think about your life and how fucking useless you are ‘cos you really can’t do much OR would choose not to do much (like me) about this except fume and curse the UN. Yes…we are all selfish and self-absorbed and I am beginning to think that if the world really comes to an end perhaps it would be good!!

I’m really angry right now so I won’t write any more.

Let’s pat ourselves on the back. If you are from one of the nations who have twiddled their thumbs and decided not to send your soldiers to assist the Syrian refugees or are anywhere close to Syria – give your self a big round of applause! Well done!! Thanks for putting people who give a rat’s ass about others in positions of power! Well done!! YOU guys are responsible for all that is going on! Well done!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!

Over and Out,


Can’t Watch This

With reference to today’s daily post…I am reminded of this one particularly gruesome video that a friend sent me.

Perhaps most of you have already seen it. Of ISIS militants shooting hundreds of Iraqi soldiers in cold blood.

So many people have died in the fighting. I wonder when they will realize that they are just breeding more hatred. Is this how peace is to be won? I wonder!

I don’t want to give any political comments about this and start an argument. All I can say is lets pray for those who are suffering and hope that this entire chaos that spread everywhere in the middle east (NOT just IRAQ) gets resolved at the earliest.

Peace Out,


Work of art

Work of art

An old birthday card made by a very old friend, we are still good friends and I am truly grateful for her presence in my life.
Love you,

Art of Nature

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by a contributor who suffers from bouts of severe depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. She enjoys capturing the world around her, whether it is with her Canon dSLR or her iPhone.

About this photo: “Flying is not easy for me, but seeing something like this makes it all worth it. This particular view looked like a living work of art, and I wanted to jump right in… to bounce on the clouds and dance along the line where the sea and the sky become one.

That vantage point, high above, made the world and my problems in it suddenly feel so small in the grand scheme of things. I think we all could use a reminder like that sometimes… Our challenges are just a tiny piece of the big picture.


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In response to the weekly challenge:

This picture was taken when i was around three years old in Mohali (India). My mom was just about to give me a kiss in the midst of a play/photo taking session.


(At least that’s what she testified when i showed this to her a little while ago) :P.