I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!

Ruminator – Part 1

Ruminator. That's what my bestie...or rather, ex - bestie called me. I liked the sound of it. It kind of rhymed with Terminator. Made me feel bad ass. I took a swig of beer from bottle number...who knew? I looked... Continue Reading →



In response to today's daily prompt...marriages in India are treated like a festive occasion. Getting a Henna Tattoo on my hands is one fun part of the overall jing-bang! I got a peacock made on my hand - can you... Continue Reading →


It is beautiful... Your visage in the starlight... I'm deeply in love...


In response to today's daily prompt! Today I publicly denounce the United Nations as an organization that has NO actual power and NO way to actually stop genocide and useless wars and humanitarian crimes. It was my folly to believe... Continue Reading →


As 2016 comes to an end...I just have one resolution for the next year. Yes...from making 5 - 10 resolutions every year...I've realized that for some silly reason I cannot stick to them. Wish I could be more disciplined. But... Continue Reading →

Whiny Dog

Whiny Dog has been at it again. For lack of a better name - I had to christen him with one which may really not be too flattering but it personifies him! I think he's around 8 - 10 years... Continue Reading →

Walking down your lane

    My feet are weary, I walked many a mile... Yearning just to see you, How I've missed your smile! Nightmares haunt me... All the blood I've spilt... But maybe you will help me... To banish the guilt. I'm not good... Continue Reading →

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