My Weary Heart

My weary heart…

Treads alone on this lonesome path…

Leaving you and what you brought, behind…

Your lies and your words, oh so unkind.

Tossed around like a rag doll,

No more…I’m not your plaything…

Common sense, this time to you I will listen…

I must get away from him…my footsteps quicken.

Your ‘love’ is a joke…

In my brain, it’s a chemical imbalance…

It’s not for me, not for me…

My heart and my brain whisper this to me.

Pain leaves a wet trail on my cheeks,

Breathlessness, a missed heartbeat…

My body screams out in distress to me…

So first, I must learn how to take care of me.

You have to be your own hero…

Watch out for those who dim the light in your soul…

My weary heart has had it too rough…

And finally I’ve had the courage to say ‘Enough’

For on my own I am complete, long before I met you,

And I don’t need anyone to mend what’s broken…

I’ll do it myself, I’ll shine – I’ll be ME!

Of your untrue love, my weary heart will be free.



Dedicated to anyone who is in a toxic or abusive (emotional or physical) relationship. No, I am not talking about mine. I am fine. I am talking to those people who need to leave the ‘soul – suckers’ and break free from the cycle of negativity. You do you! You can do it, you are strong. You are complete.



When you fall

The time was never right for us,

We never were really meant to be…

Even now I wonder who you are?

What exactly do you mean to me?

You are not a friend,

Nor are you a foe…

You don’t have my best interest at heart,

You’ve been an unhappy person from the start…

My love you spurned,

And later for it you yearned…

But those three little words you couldn’t utter…

So now in frustration you seethe and mutter…

I extended my hand once more,

Let’s be friends, you shrugged;’sure’,

But you knew nothing about being a true friend…

And even less about how to make amends…

Every time that you hurt me,

I took you back…

My fault was in turning a blind eye..

To the things you lack…

So who are you to me?

You are nothing at all…

And this time I won’t be here to pick you up…

When you fall.

Fare thee well!!

People come and go,

Only a few will stay,

The ones who tug at your heart strings,

The ones you never want to go away.


Life has its own plans…

People drift apart,

They say you should not be afraid of letting go,

Someone else will come and heal your heart…


Yet as you grow older,

Time flies so fast…

You’ll find yourself reminiscing

About the days in the past…


Your first friend who taught you how to cross your t’s,

Your friend in high school, who always cheered you on…

Your friends from college…when life was just a ball,

Your work friends…where have most of them gone?


All you have is memories in the end…

Who decides who stays or who leaves?

To the ones who stay – thank you…

For the rest, my heart silently grieves.



Value your self worth. Give and don’t expect anything in return. If someone hurts you, learn from it and when the time comes, forgive them. Forgiveness is a way to set yourself free…unburden your heart. No matter how much you love someone, if they make you feel bad about yourself, perhaps its time to move on. They aren’t bad people – they are just not the type you need to be around. Remember, you are a reflection of the people you surround yourself with.







“I think the greatest thing for me would be to fall in love. I’ve never been in love.”

He said this to her and turned around to sleep.

“What about me?” Her heart whispered but she chose to ignore it. He was just like the rest. There…but not really there.


She didn’t expect to like him as much as she eventually did. Perhaps she was trying to fool herself that she could keep her emotions aside all the time.

“Its testament to the fact that you are alive.” Whispered her heart.”You can feel…and you can love so deeply. In that way…you are blessed.”


Perhaps such a blessing was a curse.

They had met at a friend’s party and sparks had flown. He had a sunny disposition, a winning smile. So no one…no one but her could understand why she felt like that.

But he just took. Over and over again. Never gave. His kisses were rough. He was never gentle. In the beginning she just thought he was passionate. But she realized that it was just s.e.x. for him. And when they made love she felt unloved. She felt used. She’d look into his eyes and he’d look away. If she tried to caress his face he would impatiently try to shrug it off. It hurt the first couple of times and then she realized one thing.

His touch wasn’t loving. It was greedy.

It was one thing to love unconditionally; it was another to recognize when to let go.

So she left. She left him alone.


He didn’t like being ignored. He’d call her. Text her erratically. Tell her he was missing her. And then tell her that he couldn’t commit.

“Dear lover do you even know what you want?” She would silently scream at him. But her heart was tired. There was an iron fortress around it that she wasn’t going to allow him or anyone else to destroy.

So she never said anything.

He had a coldheart. It wasn’t her job to melt it.

Let it be

 You can’t lose what you never had

Just set it free

Let it go

Let it be


And when you cry your heart out

Don’t let him see your tears

Let the pain drain out

That you hid for all these years


They say love’s a battlefield

So the wounds are deep

It hurts inside when you breathe

You can’t help but weep


But slowly the pain will dull

You will start to heal

You will remember to smile once again

You will begin to feel


And then that day will come

When he will want you back

You will see him for what he truly is

And all the things he lacks


And all he will be is a memory

From a distant past

So let it go, let it be

Don’t hold on to what can’t last