Fatal – Part 1

This is a work of fiction.


It was love at first sight for me.

Oh yes, what would a 23 year old know about love? A lot actually. Just because you are young doesn’t mean you don’t know the meaning of love.

I’ve been lied to, been cheated on, have been treated like I was a piece of shit. But I moved on. Each time, a stronger and better person. Because I know, I am a good guy.

How did we meet? Ah, at the local grocery store. We used to wind up at the same store at the same time and I finally got the guts to strike up a conversation with her. We became good friends. We met for coffee, went out for movies, and then finally – drinks.

I did not intend to kiss her in the cab. No, I didn’t.

The entire evening was perfect. She was perfect, with her sunny smile and beautiful eyes. Some women are just so…god damn it. I was barely holding it together.

” I don’t date younger guys.” – She had repeatedly told me.

Hence the surprise when she kissed me back. Molten chocolate mixed with her breath which reeked of alcohol…she tasted divine and for that one night, I knew she would be mine.




Once in a while i still dream about you..

Everything…. Its YOU after all..

Your hair, your smile, your laugh, your eyes…

When I think about love…you summarize it all.

My feelings for you shall never die…

I can stow them away…

Deep inside where no one can see..

No one can know..but me.

I don’t dream about you the way I used to..

Or long for you day and night..

It doesn’t mean that the flame inside..

Doesn’t burn that bright..

But I’ve grown up and let go..

And the pain inside doesn’t really show..

Men will come and men will go..

Maybe for one someday my love will grow..

But for now…

I know what I feel is pure..its true

I’m quite content with thoughts of you

And you may never know how much I really love you…

My best friend’s wedding part 3

So its been a week since he got married. I’m sitting in my room,eating chocolates. One after the other. Ah I’m beginning to behave like a typical girl. It’s the weekend. Jay, this cute guy I met on a flight a couple of weeks ago has called me twice. To see if i want to ‘catch up’. Our last catch up was fun.

I’d love to, but I don’t think I have the emotional stamina to go through a date right now.

My laptop’s open in front of me. I can see HIS wedding photos and his Honeymoon pics. Up already, she certainly didn’t waste anytime, that…..

I scowl. Is it just me or is it just plain annoying how people putting up pictures with their better halves. Ah I’m just jealous I guess. Or lonely. Who knows.

I flick through the pictures, she has this glow on her face. Probably all the sex they have been having. I shut the laptop and scowl.

My phone’s ringing again. It’s Jay.

I pick it up, tell him why I can’t come. He sounds taken aback, but is sweet about it. I sigh settle back into my couch potato position.

I wake up to the sound of the bell, ah; my pizza has come.

” Hey.”

It’s Jay. Standing at my doorstep with a box of beer cans and burgers.

” I recently got dumped as well. Why don’t we wallow in our miseries together? No funny business, I promise.” He smiles.

Damn is he cute or what.

” I look terrible I mumble”, shutting the door behind him.

How to be more productive at work

Ever had one of those days when you feel like nothing goes your way?


Till I saw this. It made me smile and nodImage.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Have a great day!




At first sight

I am sitting in a coffee shop, minding my own business. Well kind of, I seem to have forgotten my book in the hotel and I’m feeling too lazy to go back and get it. Even though it means just a 5 minute walk, I decided against it. Of Indian origin, but by birth an American, I’m not too keen to step into the blistering heat.

So I take out my phone and start playing around with it. I log into my gmail account and see that she’s online. I sigh.

I had met her a couple of days ago through  a common friend…only for a few minutes but I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Perhaps she felt the same way…I still remember the startled look in her eyes when she first saw me. There was something pleasing about that look.

I pestered my friend to give me her number.

“You’ll get me in serious trouble.” Anita had muttered as she messaged her number to me. Then she had seen the stupid grin on my face and rolled her eyes.

We’d been texting each other on and off. Not too much, but enough to show that we were interested. She even thought I was a good looking guy. Damn, I couldn’t help smiling like an idiot when I read that message.

The sad thing was, I was leaving. To go back tomorrow. I wanted to see her again. But I knew that wasn’t going to happen…my friends here had made sure that I had a good time when I was here and I was never alone. Not that I was complaining. But I wanted to see her once before I left.


Its 1 in the morning. I’m still texting her. I think she’s sleepy.

I wish I could stay. But this was a prescheduled trip.

I stare at what I just sent her and sigh. Well it’s the truth.

I wish you could stay longer…oh well..:(.

I read her message and smile. Oh well.

What time are you leaving?

Have to reach the airport by 6 PM tomorrow.

She sends me another sad smiley. We say good night.


The next day, I wake up late. To a message from her.

Ditch your friends an hour before you leave. I’ll drop you at the airport. Gosh, this is so retarded.

I rub my eyes. It is retarded. But its fantastic. None of my mates can drop me off anyway. I frown. This is ridiculous. But then…this might very well be the last time I ever see her. Life is all about taking chances, right?



She reaches promptly at 5. I panic, look at myself in the mirror, remind my self that she thinks I am good looking. I take my bags and walk to the elevator. The elevator opens to the hotel lobby and there she is – sitting on a chair, my heart stops.

She looks up and smiles.

This is going to be fantastic.

Let it be

 You can’t lose what you never had

Just set it free

Let it go

Let it be


And when you cry your heart out

Don’t let him see your tears

Let the pain drain out

That you hid for all these years


They say love’s a battlefield

So the wounds are deep

It hurts inside when you breathe

You can’t help but weep


But slowly the pain will dull

You will start to heal

You will remember to smile once again

You will begin to feel


And then that day will come

When he will want you back

You will see him for what he truly is

And all the things he lacks


And all he will be is a memory

From a distant past

So let it go, let it be

Don’t hold on to what can’t last